The pelomedusa tortoises have been moved to a bigger tank to improve their daily life. They are now facing their cousins, the Florida turtles. They have a beach, waterfalls and a bigger pool to have a little fun and be more comfortable .

15583269080_d697937dd6_o  DSC02163

Following their departure, several invasive species from North America, such as the small catfish, the sunfish and the freshwater crayfish, took this opportunity to move to their tank!


Rio and Mana have brand new neighbours in the Amazonian space! Come and enjoy the ballet of the wild stingray, the redtail catfish, the black pacus and the managuensis!

DSC01982  DSC01975

Last but not least, the Limousin Aquarium now has not one but two vivarium! They hold two species loved by children: the famous hermit crab and the vampire crab!

DSC02191  DSC02181

The Aquarium would like to indroduce you to Pierrot, the stonefish. It’s one of the most dangerous fish you could ever encounter!