Animations for young and old !

The Aquarium of Limoges is: special moments with some animals, daily entertainment with biologists, programming and activities throughout the year, a temporary exhibition, birthdays for children, the possibility of privatize the space for your evenings, guided tours for groups …

Fish Feeding

The Aquarium of Limoges invites you every day to attend the feeding of the fish and reptiles. It’s a great opportunity for you to know more about the animals, their way of life and their eating habits! You will learn some surprising facts and anecdotes about them!

The Fish Tank

Come and learn to stroke a koi carp, a star fish or a sea urchin. The aquariologist will show you how to handle them with care. Try the Fish Manucure! Put your hands in the tank and let the Garra Rufa fish do its work (open access)!

Bacs tactiles, vous pouvez toucher ! - Photo: le populaire du centre

Behind-the-scenes tour (only in French)

Accompanied by a guide, discover behind the scenes and all its secrets every day at 4:00pm.
Supplement of 2 € per person, limited number of places. Reservations at 05 55 33 42 11.

Discover the “Water Pokemons” during your visit!

When you arrive at the Aquarium, ask for your treasure hunt at the reception.

Clues are hidden on the tour circuit, at the level of frames and digital tablets …

So, ready for the adventure? At the end, a sweet surprise awaits you.


Offer an original birthday to your child!

Organize a birthday in an original and sheltered place that tempts you? (only in French)

Contact quickly the Aquarium of Limoges.

In the program :

  • Three themes to choose “Pirate”, “Dory” or ” “Pokemon” with the appropriate disguises.
  • A package “all inclusive” ideal for parents
  • A treasure hunt adapted to the age of the children
  • Gifts and treats for everyone
  • A rich afternoon of entertainment and learning

Special conditions: only on Wednesdays and Saturdays, reservation required at least 3 months in advance, group of 5 to 12 children max. from 5 to 12 years old.