Exhibition 2018

“Aquatic Freaks”


A dive into the mysteries of the depths tempts you ? This year, the Aquarium of Limousin makes you discover the “Aquatic freaks” which populate our seas and oceans.

The 2018 exhibition unveils the unknown world of the abyss. An incredible environment that despite extreme depths, almost total darkness, overwhelming pressure, freezing cold and a cruel lack of food resources, welcomes life …

To discover this fascinating world, the Aquarium of Limousin offers to enter a unique space transformed into a dark jewel that will guide the visitor from the surface to the most extreme depths. Monkfish, Chimera, Coelacanth, Regalec, Vampire of the Abyss, Dumbo Octopus …

Come and meet fantastic creatures specially created for the occasion!

Discover the flyer of the exhibition 2018 on Aquatic Freaks!

Practical information :

  • From February 10, 2018 to December 31, 2018
  • Paying access
  • For all

All visitors will have to pay the entrance fees for the Aquarium and will have access to the exhibition as well as the free visit of the Aquarium.