Animal shelter

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Support the Aquarium shelter !

The Aquarium of Limousin has always been strongly committed to the protection of aquatic fauna and flora. Before becoming a tourist site, the site was home to an animal shelter welcoming fish and turtles abandoned by their owners. In order to contribute to the needs of animals, the refuge became a public aquarium in 1993. The only Aquarium-refuge in the center of France, today the Aquarium provides, more than ever, its functions as an animal refuge. On average, 5 fish and 1 turtle per week join our premises. We also note that these figures increase in the summer period.

If you want to support the shelter, you can get closer to our teams or send your donations directly to « Aquarium du Limousin – 2 Boulevard Gambetta 87000 LIMOGES ». The funds provided are used for veterinary monitoring of abandoned fish and turtles.

How to entrust my animal to the shelter of the Aquarium of Limousin?

– contact our team to know the procedure to follow
– make an appointment
– sign a certificate of assignment

Your pet will be cared for by one of the biologists. It will be quarantined, where there will be some time (30 days for a fish and 60 days for a turtle) to check his health. If it turns out good, it will join the aquariums put in presentation. In the opposite case, he will remain in quarantine in order to treat him correctly.

The commitments of the Aquarium of Limousin

– act voluntarily in favor of the environment and animals
– ensure appropriate maintenance conditions for animals

You will soon be able to sponsor an animal from the Aquarium!
More information to follow …