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Latests News !







In this year 2020, you can continue to follow Axo in his mysterious epic in the Aquarium !

Go to South-East Asia… You can share a one-on-one with the mysterious fire eels… a meeting « all fire and flame » !

Port of calls near to New-Zealand’s coast… Big-belly seahorses live in an aquatic capsule… a real cocoon to welcome their future progeny.

Go to North America to discover razor-backed musk turtles… which are as atypicals as likeables. Sharp shell, hooked nose and curious eyes, they will using their charm !

Halt in waters of the biggest ocean of the Earth. The porkfish from Pacific Ocean will show you its hunting skills.

 Arrival on the dock ! A scientific investigation took place in the Aquarium’s passageways. If the ceramic of Limoges helps the Great Barrier Rief ? You can discover challenges of this innovative experimentation.

 Captain Axo will lead you in the footstep of Jeanne Villepreux-Power, inventor of the first glass tank and pioneer in marine biology. Come to discover her cabinet on natural history, where she realized her experiences in marine mildlife.

 Ready for a new adventure ?






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Leeches, little beasts that want you good!


A new species has appeared at the Aquarium of Limoges. These are medicinal Leeches!

The leech is an invertebrate animal that has the shape of a flattened worm. She is hermaphrodite, that is, she has both sexes.

She has ten eyes but has no ear!

There are over 650 species of leeches living mostly in freshwater.

Despite their medical help, leeches have been under threat for several years. They have long been considered as harmful and their habitat is increasingly destroyed by humans.

Come and discover this species and learn more about its benefits.

You can find them in the Bac n°5 Bis.

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Curious fish, the Periophthalms!


New residents have just appeared at the Aquarium: Periophthalms!

These curious fish are found in the mud or in the roots of the mangrove. They live in both fresh and salt water.
In addition to their branchial breathing, they have a cutaneous breathing that allows them to live temporarily in the open air.
They move with agility on the sand or mud with their powerful pectoral fins or by jumping with their caudal fin.

Come discover these strange animals!

You can find them in the Bac 38.